In conversation - with a beloved

Some relationships show us love while others are an opportunity to practice love.


In the beginning, we are unwritten, innocent of this reality’s negativity.  In the first four years, our existence is in a state of awe until the day, another pierces our heart.


Eventually, after the betrayals and disappointments consistently add dark to our canvas, we, if the capability is an option, build a wall of anger.


This anger is an effort to dull the torture of discovering that without our permission we have emerged into a violent competitive dimension where everyone eats each other to survive. 


What we do not understand is that this fierceness is active evolution progressing towards a change in which violence is a primal phase.  Competition is the entry level of survival waiting for a transformation into continuous ascending levels of co-operation.


Our anger is proof that we are the new beings meant to temper this force.  Resisting its demise, our idealism remains protected in the fire of hate.


Hiding in our anger is a secret.  Our idealism has misperceived itself.  It expected its dreams to be what is and discovering that they are not, it rages.  This fury harbours the erroneous belief that dreams should have already manifested.  We do not want to accept the inherited work of unfulfilled dreams.  


Many years ago, I read a book about a fictional character who travelled back in time.  Slowly he understood that the legend of Jesus known in his own time was in this visited time, himself.  The book was a brilliant metaphor. 


Our anger insulates us against the fear of leadership as we resist experiencing that we are the advocates of change.


We refuse to accept that the onus is on us to channel violence into love.


Some people have figured this out and practice love.  More fragile or not as intelligent, others present an irritant which can promote the creation of love.


When someone loves you, it is a gift, received and felt.  You bask in their love returning it by glowing in the joy of their offering.  That is their love, not yours.


It is when we can put down our protection, anger and fear that we make a choice in activating our love.


Love is not something you receive for that is another’s successful evolutionary growth.  Love is the something that awaits your courage.  It is the something fragile and precious waiting in your vulnerability.


The very vulnerability, which in your horror of feeling the violence of this earth, you walled up.

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Comments (8)

  1. shadow-storm

    thank you for your loving reminder, this is a lesson it seems I have to re-learn.

    December 16, 2016
    1. greunie

      The overwhelming, ongoing, circulating negativity causes us to think we have forgotten our lesson. We are pressed down by the weight of the violence, fortunately, some trigger inspires us to rise once again. I am glad to have been a trigger! We need millions of triggers to get the force of love off the first level and soaring.

      December 16, 2016
      1. depressedgirl

        Unie you are such a wonderful person!

        December 17, 2016
  2. depressedgirl

    I never had 4 years of peace or whatever. My daddy was killed when I was 2. Something terribly traumatic happened when I was 3. What does that mean about me. My mom was always cruel and mean.

    December 17, 2016
    1. greunie

      You have suffered my dear. I feel sad that the world was so harsh to you.

      December 18, 2016
      1. depressedgirl

        Thanks so much.

        December 19, 2016
  3. This comment has been deleted
  4. scorpiotiger

    When we open our hearts, everything wonderful can come in and find us. And only then we can receive it Thank you for being you, my friend Happy New Year!

    December 30, 2016
    1. greunie

      Happy New Year, may it bring good fortune!

      January 02, 2017