We are all in service to others

Early morning again and here I am Blank-page.  You call me and I comply.


What do I have to say?  Nothing much.  Listening to music while I wait for words that would appear to you, dearest Blank-page.


Working diligently to remain aware second to second, succeeding at the moment, since there is nothing to shove me off the present moment pedestal.  Waves that come and go, pushing me off balance try, but I am able to teeter and grasp a sure-footed stance.  Tsunamis hit now and again but thankfully, I am presently in between one of those.



I am grateful for my current determined focus.  Bliss is always accessible in awareness.  I am grateful for this computer which serves me. Enabled by this technology, I marvel at the ease with which I can record and edit words allowing my abstractions to be better communicated.


What a wonderful tool we have given each other!


Accordingly, I think of the countless gifts we give each other every day without which none of us would experience a comfortable life.  We rise and go off into our work, into service for each other.  While doing so, we think only of our own selfish goal of increasing our personal standard of living.  The truth, however, is that we are in service to each other no matter which level we are currently standing on in the survival system of this earth.  Selfish or not, servicing each other, we all do better.  It is the way this global system works.  What would we do without all the systems we count on?


It’s interesting how most people think we are all separate and independent.  Especially the US where the thought of community and sharing is so abhorrent.  The word community and sharing inspire fear of socialism and communism.  This makes me laugh.  Using capitalist trading is a kind of community system in spite of its ruthlessness.  It is called economics and although it pretends to be something other, it is regardless a system where people work together to survive.  Even in this less caring social system, everyone is in some sort of service,  making, distributing or caring for others.


In turning my thoughts to the top level of the global Ponzi scheme, even there, they are in service to others.  Sure, at the top, it seems as if they have it all and are enjoying the freedom of an envied best life.  But are they? 



The elitist level of pampering indeed seems the best.  They can afford the supreme of all there is to preserve and maintain their well-being. However, they too will fall.  Not that I mean this as a punishment or even as an equalizer but rather as a remembrance of a promise we all share.  The promise that no matter what we do or how we live, we all die.


The elitist’s level of drama has rewards, entertaining the rest of us but in truth, they don’t have it all.  They are experiencing a pretty low level of existence in comparison to the people who have broken the bonds of fear.


The drive pushing towards the top level of success is based on fear; fear of pain, fear of death, fear of not being the top dog.


The irony of being the top elite is that they are actually on a second to the second dogged by more fear than the homeless who have nothing.


Sure it doesn’t seem that way and I have no doubts that someone reading this view of mine will offer a debate on it.  However, I have seen behind the curtain of OZ and there, I found fearful humans acting the great omnipotent role. 



You say they are not pretending?  You say that they have it good?


If you think this way, I will gamble all my assets on the idea that you haven’t yet looked behind the curtain. 

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Comments (12)

  1. RRoe

    I shall return after some thought …

    March 21, 2016
  2. RRoe

    Some random comments. I don’t think capitalism has to be ruthless or unfair or biased … what we have created in the U.S. has no heart, but I don’t think it is endemic to capitalism. Socialism is the same … it can be a fairly kind system like in Denmark, or a ruthless system like in the former Soviet Union. The people and value behind the economic system makes it kind or not, etc.

    I don’t know if fear is any greater among the rich than the poor or the middle class. And yes, there is a lot of it around and mostly I don’t identify with most people’s fears. It seems like there is a whole spectrum of people from those that fear blames a major role in their life to those where fear plays a very minor role in their life. And, of course, with fear, like every other emotion, we pass through good times and bad times … And, yes very powerful people can be driven my an underlying fear … but again, I am not sure we can generalize. From my perspective the distribution of fear feels pretty random and seems to make no sense for the most part.

    March 22, 2016
    1. greunie

      Thank you for taking the time and share your differing view. And since you do, how do define the motivation behind why people amass inordinate wealth to the point of hurting others and the planet we rely upon? What could motivate people to amass wealth, to the detriment of others, that can never be spent in a lifetime? Why would someone need a gold toilet to shit into?

      March 22, 2016
      1. RRoe

        I read an article from Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, that he wrote on his death bed. He said his wealth and work had warped him and gave the usual advice about frirnds and family. It sounded as if he was surprised where life had lead him..almost as if he never sat down and examined his life and his daily choices. I imagine waking up each day thinking i HAVE TO get that new iPhone to market NOW.

        I wonder if the rich or anyone else choses who we become and how much is just random luck/opportunity etc. I certainly did not see or even chose the course of my life.

        March 23, 2016
        1. greunie

          Most of my writings are concerned with focusing on making our unconscious drives conscious. In this recent blog of mine, my point was that we all depend on and are in service to each other. Perhaps becoming aware of how we need each other, we will be less apt to choose unconsciously? My message is … let’s become more aware of the motives behind our decisions. That can only happen through investigative meditation.

          March 23, 2016
          1. RRoe

            I think meditation is one way to learn about our motives, but not the only one. My lady and i often challenge each other on our intentions. … it helps a great deal.

            March 25, 2016
  3. Phat

    Being wealthy is better, being resource poor really sucks. If your lover leaves you, you are most likely going to experience sadness. Now, you can experience that sadness on your bike, riding in the rain to a minimum wage job cleaning toilets or you can experience that sadness snorting cocaine off of a porn stars breasts in the Bahamas. You can also experience that sadness helping someone else build their family a home or anything really. I have heard people say that you cannot buy happiness, I beg to differ, you just cannot buy it directly, you can buy it by helping others, achieving things and exploring this wonderful planet of ours just to begin with. I’d take wealth anyday.

    March 23, 2016
    1. greunie

      It seems to me that no place is free of problems and stresses. Being wealthy poses different issues and problems than being poor does. Snorting cocaine off of a porn stars’ breasts in the Bahamas may look problem free but I would bet all my assets that type of high living is fret with stress and problems that one would never experience or know about until one actually gets there. I am certain it takes a considerable energy and stress to acquire the wealth to place you snorting cocaine in the Bahamas. Everything has some kind of price trade off.

      March 23, 2016
  4. GoldenPig2012

    The best I can do, my mother told me, is find my happiness when someone else does. I don’t know if that has anything to do with your post, but it came to mind as I read this. My life is………………..empty unless I can love and help and BE someone useful to another. Period.

    March 23, 2016
    1. greunie

      My post was addressing how we are all in service to each other. We can’t do it without each other. Rich people cannot get rich unless they receive co-operation from the rest of us in some way. That you know that happiness is in making someone happy, I am guessing that you also know that in turn good fortune comes back to you somehow. Using each other also has consequences. It is always that choice we face. As we become larger in numbers, like it was illustrated in China, when a two-year-old was repeatedly run over in the street without any care, we value life less. But that too has consequences that is spread through everyone.

      March 23, 2016
  5. Moxi

    Fear lives at all levels. I have seen it paralyze. I do think there are different fears with different advantages. When you have a lot you fear losing those things. When you have a little your fears can centre on things more inward.

    March 25, 2016
  6. TomasSISI

    i never worry about making more and more money. It is not what i am about. I have to say, I always thought I would be rich. and in a way I was. Everything I wanted was in reach if I saved up for it. I guess my wife and children paid the price of my lack of monetary ambition. Lucky the children all earned scholarships to good colleges. They knew they had to, so they did.

    April 09, 2016