We exist in divergent realities.

We, depending on our culture, degree of sensitivity, interest of study, and life events experience diverse worlds.


We presume we all exist in the same world but this is incorrect.  We communicate as though others will comprehend ideas generated from a subjective reality and either do not know or continuously forget this is difficult if not, most of the time, rare.


We intuit it is impossible to ever know everything but behave as though we are omnipotent. 


Each field of interest teaches us a different way through which to understand this world.  Our interest concentration characterizes unfolding events and relationships.  We may understand bias but do we truly understand what depth this reaches?


The microbiologist visiting someone who loves animals will be disgusted by his host’s cat jumping onto the dining room table.  The many hours spent looking through a microscope has rewarded the microbiologist a reality view of which the animal lover is ignorant.  In contrast, the focus of tending and caring for pets has delivered an entirely different reality view.  They may understand their differences intellectually but without access to the sensual information in his each other's brains,  they exist in divergent realities.  The biologist’s disgusted reaction as the cat prances back and forth on the table finally parking his backside upon where his host will serve food is startling.  The guest’s exuberant expletive shocks the host.


In fact, the biologist is merely concerned for himself and his host’s health.  However, the communication impacts as an insult and judgement.


This is but an infinitesimal example of the complexities that go unexamined since most of us consider the details of each other’s lives trivial.  Of course, forgiving our dilemma, none of us are willing to expend the irrational amount of time required in examining each other’s acquired database of knowledge.


Unfortunately, this appropriate neglect causes tremendous impacts to relationship health.  This divergent knowledge affects overall communication and bonding in all areas of our lives.


We argue, dispute and generally disagree our points forgetting that we are debating uselessly.  Unless we remember that another’s expertise has been accumulated in another area and keep this in mind when discussing any given topic, we will fail in our expertise sharing.


The animal lover and the microbiologist have a chasm of difference influencing what they say to each other.  They see the world from relative far-flung angles and will have difficulty finding common ground.  Given that this is exactly what we all face clarifies the why of our conflicts with each other.


Whole reality is a mystery since there is no one on earth who sees what truly is.  We can but see snippets through our acquired knowledge.  Each person’s database of knowing is uniquely sufficient for their own benefit.


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Comments (6)

  1. withwings

    This post came at a very interesting time. For me. I’ve been experiencing something like this my whole life. As you know. But in the last few days as well. Judged harshly as a matter of fact i want to cry out in some sort of protest but at some point its all for nought. We are just different, as you say in differing realities, all trying to get along in one world. We have to be able to recognize that.

    April 14, 2016
    1. greunie

      We may know it but forget it. We may know it but learn that this truth has infinite levels of understanding. Then again, some of us have no idea! and that’s the biggest problem. I do wish this fact would be more talked about and ingested as an understanding. As you say, we have to be able to recognize that and what’s more, we NEED to recognize this! or kill each other into extinction. We harm each other through not keeping this fact closer in our minds. I have been thinking of you these days quite strongly… hoping and wondering about you. So glad to see a comment from you!

      April 14, 2016
      1. withwings

        Kill each other into extinction.
        I went through a long period of time when I wasn’t able to identify with anything. I felt so unlike other people (something my mind did to me) that I was unable to see things that were effecting my life were things that were touching all people’s lifes in some form of another.
        I would be able to see a large picture, such as you suggested here. Living in our differing realities without awareness that everyone has a differing divergent realities is causing us to to irreparable damage to one another. But what I wasnt able to discern at that time in life was how that all trickled down to have an effect on my own personal life.
        My detachment from who I was inside and what had created me was just too much for my sensitive heart and mind. Having fused the two more often more recently, the big picture with the details, life and people sure are clearer.
        And sort of yucky. lol
        I think of you often, your gentle tenderness is ever present and your words echo throughout my insides.

        April 15, 2016
  2. RRoe

    My wife and i express the concept you have addressed by saying we each have our story that we have constructed from our experiences and perspective. ..

    April 15, 2016
    1. greunie

      Yes, our stories that we so cling to… but after all, what else can we do? However in knowing this, we can offer space and respect while we share those stories with each other.

      April 15, 2016
      1. RRoe

        Agreed. Trying to apply this in my life but find it hard with many…like the religious. … or political people that have no tolerance, etc.

        April 16, 2016
  3. This comment has been deleted